Finance and Personnel Committee Tuesday 18th May 2021 6pm

Community and Events Committee Tuesday 18th May 2021 7pm

Full Council Tuesday 1st June 2021 6pm

The Town Council holds regular meetings monthly apart from August.

Meeting are held at The Wakes, Theatre Sq, Oakengates

Agendas & Minutes for Meetings

Committee Membership

Finance and Personnel Committee

  • Cllr Shirley Reynolds (Chairman)
  • Cllr Andrew Bennett (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr Ernie Dabbs
  • Cllr Amrik Jhawar
  • Cllr Dave Poole
  • Cllr Hilda Rhodes

Community and Events Committee

  • Cllr Gilly Reynolds (Chairman)
  • Cllr Hilda Rhodes (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr Gareth Holloway
  • Cllr Dave Poole
  • Cllr Shirley Reynolds
  • Cllr Stephen Reynolds

Finance & Governance

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