Oakengates Town Council is aiming to be carbon neutral and send a clear message about the council’s commitment to a sustainable future. 


Progress to Date: 

  • Oakengates Town Council pledged to lead by example and remove single-use plastic items from its premises in March 2021.  
  • Carbon Literacy Training has been provided for the Council’s representatives to increase knowledge which can be shared with the wider community. 
  • Oakengates Town Council is a member of Telford and Wrekin Council’s Climate Change partnership 
  • All bulbs are LED and majority are LED-movement sensor lights within The Wakes building 
  • Smart thermostats have been installed in The Wakes. 
  • The main heating system runs from a Biomass boiler / heating system (‘Biomass’ is fuel that is obtained from organic matter, the most widely used of which is wood. So, a biomass boiler is a heating system that uses natural/non-fossil fuel resources to create heat for use throughout The Wakes and 2 x tenants). All wood pellets comply with fuel quality criteria 
  • Double glazed windows and loft and wall insulation within The Wakes and its two rental units.  
  • Every unit of electricity used is matched to a mix of renewable certificates and nuclear energy to ensure that our business electricity supply is zero carbon 
  • The Outpost Cafe offers a wide selection of vegetarian and dairy free options  
  • The Outpost Café buys locally sourced food produce wherever possible.  
  • The Outpost Café is a Refill.org.uk station, to enable visitors to refill their own water bottles.  
  • Council computers have been upgraded to laptops which use 80% less electricity.  
  • Councillors receive meeting paperwork digitally. 
  • Reduced the amount of paper used.  
  • The Council includes workshops and stalls at relevant events to provide education and advice on Climate Change.  
  • The Council has participated in community and school litter picks.  
  • The Council has participated in environmental campaigns such as the Great British Spring Clean Keep Britain Tidy 
  • The Council successfully applied for funding from the EnviroGrant scheme to benefit the local community and environment 
  • There are designated recycling bins within The Wakes  
  • The Council uses a waste management company who are environmentally compliant. Additionally, it also leases separated containers for cardboard, dry mixed recyclable, and food waste to enable easier recycling 



5 March 2024 

Review date 

March 2025 


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