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Councillors and MP surgeries

Role of a councillor

  • The Councillor must be 18 years old or over and qualified to hold office. Usually elected for a 4 year period, or by co-option onto the council, view the Local Government Act.
  • All members by law, sign a declaration of acceptance of office, and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, view the Local Government Act.
  • Councillors must attend at least one meeting during a 6 month period or they can be disqualified, view the Local Government Act.
  • Councillors must complete a register of interest within 28 days after election or appointment to office, to the Monitoring Officer, a record of which is held by the clerk.
  • Councillors have a duty to attend meetings when summoned to do so, they are responsible for declaring their own personal and prejudicial interests before an agenda item is discussed.
  • Councillors should inform the clerk of an intended absence, in order that it can be recorded, view the Local Government Act.
  • Councillors have a duty to serve their community by working together, act in the public interest, represent the whole electorate and should not bring the council into disrepute.
  • Councillors can ask for items to be included on the agenda, they debate and discuss issues at meetings.
  • Councillors are entitled to a vote.
  • An individual councillor cannot give an instruction or make a decision of their own accord, as defined by and in the Hillingdon case.