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Cllr. Gilly Reynolds called for the Borough Council to move towards installing recycling bins in high streets, parks, and public spaces.

At a recent Environment Scrutiny meeting, Cllr. Reynolds spoke passionately about the impact of the environmental crisis. In particular, she argued that we should encourage recycling out in public as people do at home.

Cllr. Reynolds said, “I’m proud that in 2019 this Labour Council declared a climate emergency and have pledged to become a carbon neutral Council by 2030 and eliminate single use plastics in our operations by 2023.

“I want us to make it easier for residents and businesses to do their part. Whilst we cannot do this alone, I would hope that steps like this will make a difference.

“Whenever we replace an existing bin, we should be installing recycling bins alongside.”

Over the past 12 months, the Council has worked to develop an action plan that sets out how the Council will reduce its own use of single-use plastic and how it will encourage and promote plastic free initiatives in the borough.

The Council has made good progress in delivering its action plan and has received a national Green Innovation award from the Association of Public Service Excellence for the work done by its Catering and Cleaning Teams to reduce single-use plastics.

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